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Mitigate Global Climate Change Fund


Climate is one of the defining issues of our century. The challenge threatens our environment, our well-being, and our children. Together, all of us are making decisions that will shape the planet for hundreds of years. Right now, it looks likely that we aren’t going to do enough, and that we might lock in a scenario of rising seas, powerful hurricanes, and famines. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are opportunities to make a difference -- and many of them are overseas. Most of the world’s people live in developing countries, and we have a chance to shape industries and products from the very start. By helping countries embrace cleaner alternatives for economic growth, we have a chance to avoid pollution before it happens. This fund invests in several of the world’s leading organizations that are partnering with governments to drive innovation, avoid warming, and help families and communities gain access to food and energy.
Mitigate Global Climate Change Fund

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